BAND BIO: When you sit in on a session with Big Booty Bob & The Backside Kickers, you won’t be sitting for long! Be sure to wear your dancing shoes and join in as BBB pours out some glass kickin’, tasty in-the-pocket jazz grooves, along with your favorite classic rock, blues and country standards. With precision and personality, the band will wow you with tunes from AC/DC to ZZ Top, then pull a switcheroo and belt out your favorite classic ballad from Vince Gill to Tom Petty. Because of the bands longevity and range of songs, Big Booty Bob & the Backside Kickers have the ability to perform many styles ensuring the satisfaction of the audience. Their success can be measured by the number of dates they play and the frequency of repeat shows. Whatever the band plays, they definitely do it up “Big Booty” style!